Kayzero for windows Screen Captures

k0- NAA according to the well-documented original method

Kayzero for Windows is based on the DOS programs Kayzero and Solcoi. These programs are based on the original Gent implementation of the K0-method. The compatibility with the DOS Version 5 is 100%, for "old" users no training is needed to use the new Windows Version.
Easy data entry
Per element all analytical lines can be selected. Also blank subtraction can turned on or off. The effect of one individual gamma line on the nuclide average or overall element average concentration can be seen immediately.
Overall view per element.
Interferences by U-fission reactions and threshold reactions can be corrected for. Most relevant U-fission reactions are built-in and threshold reactions should be entered calibrated by the userfor their specific channels.
Effect of reaction interference can be seen immediatly as well.
After selecting the analitical gammalines the result is stored in an "Order Report", this report can contain several sample all or only the elements of interest.
Multiple reports can be viewed at the desktop.
All data: input data (lists), peak tables, results on any level can be printed. And spectra can be plotted.
The spectrum of a measurement can be plotted, of course a region of interest can be zoomed in.
Efficiencies can be fitted and stored using the SOLCOI-options. Efficiencies are calculated using the well-documented Gent Solid-Angle Method. Coincidence corrections factors are based on the COINCALC- program. Fine-tuning of detector dimensions is automated.
All SOLCOI options are implemented in Kayzero for Windows.